Sunday Screenshots: Always a sucker for a silly name

so is he like, the fourth person named Green James? or the third? i could see a dumb argument for both

King Green James Jr. II’s name is far too stupid for a regular king, but is entirely appropriate for someone on the Future Council of the Wyld Stallyns-based utopia. One can only assume that future rulers would also be inspired not only by the bodacious music, but also by the most excellent names of Ted “Theodore” Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esquire.

Matchmaking in Progress: Eyepatch Edition I

Oh, hello, friend. I heard you think there’s something sexy and mysterious about an eyepatch. You might think there aren’t all that many eyepatch boyfriends, but in Romancelandia, they’re all over the darn place (enough so that I made a goofy new graphic)!

guys who turn into pigs don’t get their own graphic. it’s unfair i know

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Sunday Screenshots: Uneasy listening

he thought your curry was average. he also thought a clear piano was a good idea. 

So you live in…a hotel bar?

I mean, I guess if you went full-on Daft Punk and filled the transparent piano up with LEDs and like a planetarium and it could project a bunch of lasers and a hologram of Liberace or Freddie Mercury, then I can understand why you might want to have this piano in your house.

There is no way to make the “Campus Jazz” saxophonist silhouette cool, however, and the plastic of the piano is gonna turn yellow and cracked in 10 years anyway. Yuck.


Matchmaking in Progress: Must Love Pigs

Oh, hello, friend. I heard that you have a thing for super-cute baby animals. Have I got a boyfriend for you!

Matchmaking Caesar.png

Allow me to present your new boyfriend, Caesar.

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Sunday Screenshots: Grandmother, what large shackles you have

his pants are far too close to falling down for a man wearing three belts

Oh good lord. I know I complain sometimes about characters not having creative enough costumes.. But do I really deserve this?! (spoiler: probably)

My guy here just showed up in the game that I’m playing, but based on his intense abs and the fact that he has an actual body, I assume I will date him at some point. Here are the things I know about him so far based on information provided in-game:

  • He is a werewolf.
  • He is into kicking.

I guess his his stylish shackles and muzzle are to show he can’t bite or punch you, and I presume he wears them voluntarily to show off his kicking because kicking is generally not a werewolf thing, and he’d like to take the road less traveled, etc. I will say, when my dog gets into bed with us, she curls up into a little ball, but then expands in the night and kicks us really a lot, and it is pretty annoying. So I say, go for it, Kicking Werewolf. Live your best life.

Matchmaking in Progress: Plant wizard

Oh, hello, friend. I heard you are worried about the environment. If so, have I got the boyfriend for you!

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Sunday Screenshots: This is not a pipe dream, it’s a pipe NIGHTMARE

think they meant to type “into HELL”

Apparently, a bunch of underpaid, overworked artists with a bunch of copies of photoshop will, given enough time, almost surely recreate the complete works of HR Giger.

This is supposed to be the interior of a cruise ship, but instead it looks like something from a crazy dystopian future where the internet really is a series of literal pipes through which flows liquid evil.


Match 11: Rhinestone Cowboy Billionaire Nathaniel “Mr. C” Chrysler vs. Beautiful Pianist Celina Winter

Oh, hello there. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. A clan of sexy renegade shinobi moved in next to the Kaleido Leopard enclosure, so, needless to say, work’s been a bit busy.

Mr C version 1.jpg

Let’s pick back up with Match 11 of the Boyfriend Bracket, a pointless contest to figure out which of the ever-increasing bevy of singles in the free-to-play game Love Tangle meets whatever criteria you have deemed appropriate to earn the illustrious, completely meaningless title of: Your Boyfriend.

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Matchmaking in Progress: Television-shopping edition

Oh, hello, friend. I heard you’re buying a new television. Have I got a boyfriend for you!

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Sunday Screenshots: I’ve made a terrible mistake

actually my feelings just dried up and blew away like a tumbleweed

Let’s all agree that, should someone implore you to not give them blue balls, you must immediately and permanently give them the bluest balls they have ever experienced.

Like those balls should be so blue someone’s grandma tries to bake them into a cobbler. Those balls should be the level of blue you only get by selling your soul at the crossroads. There should be a French movie called Your Balls is the Warmest Color. They should be so blue that Bob Ross is painting with the color “prussian balls.” Miles Davis should have released a seminal (heh) album called Kind of Your Balls.